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ABC's of 2nd Grade

Attendance: is super important in second grade. We are learning new material every day from bell to bell! If there is an absence please send in a doctor’s or parent notes. Please read over the handbook for the attendance policy for the limit on parent notes and other important information.

 Behavior: We encourage and promote positive and productive choices at Saraland Elementary. I will always keep you informed of positive behavior choices made by your child! However, all children (just like grown- ups J) make mistakes and our job is to help them not repeat those mistakes. I use Class Dojo to keep you informed of your child’s behavior. More information on Class Dojo can be found in the Behavior letter in the parent packet.

Communication: is VITAL in your child’s education. Please keep me informed and always read over any notes or letters sent home. You may email, send in a note, or call if needed.

Daily 5: is a reading framework that I have adopted into daily instruction. The Daily 5 promotes independence and fosters reading fluency, comprehension, accuracy, and expands vocabulary. I know your child will enjoy it just as much as I do!

Equality: “Fair is not everyone getting the same thingfair is everyone getting what they need in order to succeed.”

Fun Friday: is a way to reward the students for all of their hard work during the week! This gives the students an opportunity to socialize, problem solve and just PLAY! Fun Friday minutes can also be taken away from a student as a consequence for repeated poor choices.

Grades: You may view your child’s grade through their i-now account online. I tend to post each weekend if possible. Remember A’s are above and beyond, B’s are going above, C’s are right on track. If you cannot access your child’s i-now please let the school office know.

Homework: will be sent home on Monday and is due on Friday. Please do not try and complete homework all in one night. Work through the packet a little at a time according to your child’s schedule. The phonics/spelling page is filled with MANY words to work with during the week. Do not spend an hour each night reviewing ALL words/sentences! Choose 5 or so to words/sentences to work on each night. The focus is practicing the phonics skill, not memorizing words. Initial homework packet when completed and send in the homework packet on FRIDAY.

Ice Cream: All ice cream and snack is a dollar. All proceeds from snack money benefits our school! Please remember to put snack money in a labeled envelope in the clear zippered pouch in the Lego binder.

Just Right Books: Think about shoesyou don’t want shoes that are too big or too small. If you are a runner, you wouldn’t only buy high heels J!!! Same goes for books if a book is too hard, your child will be frustrated; if it is too easy, they will not be challenged; and if it doesn’t fit their interests, they will become bored!

Keeping a Binder: We will use a Lego binder to keep up with homework, money, and any other home to school communication. Please keep homework and newsletters in the binder to keep them easy to find and reference.

Lunch: If you are having lunch with your child, please meet us in the lunch room. Please do not wait outside our classroom or in the halls. If your child buys lunch, please make sure you have money on their account. If you send in a check: Saraland Elementary.. Include your child’s lunch number in the check. You may also use PayPAMS online. This can be accessed through the SES website. If needed fill out a free and reduced lunch form. Our cafeteria staff will send home notes if you need more money. The computers will not let you charge after a certain amount. If you send in lunch, please do not send soft drinks or anything that has to be microwaved.

Money: Please send in all money in a label envelope with your child’s name in the Red Homework Folder. This works great for a snack envelope and lunch money envelope. It helps to remind your child in the morning if they have money to send in so they don’t forget.

Newsletters: will be sent home each Monday, PLEASE refer to these as they will state what we are learning and special dates. I will have your child keep it in their binder for easy references and lessen the chances it will be lost.

Out of Uniform Days: We will have out of uniform days throughout the school year. This is usually to help raise money for PTO. These will be on scheduled Fridays and the cost to dress out is $2.00.

Privacy: Please know that I will always respect you and your child’s privacy. Matters that happen within the classroom or at home will not be shared with other students or teachers. Also, please respect your teacher’s private time. I always want to hear your questions and concerns, so please e-mail me, leave me a message or write me a note. Please be understanding that I will not always be readily available after hours but always make an effort to communicate if necessary. Remember, if it’s after 8 it’s too late!

Quiet Our classroom will be full of hands-on, interactive learning filled with communicating thoughts and problem solving. During the day our classroom will be filled with productive chatter at times and quiet working times. I will do my best to make sure each student has the learning environment he or she needs to be productive.

Rewards: Students will receive many different rewards throughout the school day. Our main rewards are given for the AR program and the behavior system.

Spartan Spirit: This is an award given to one student per month who exhibits excellent Spartan behavior. Students who receive this award are entered in a drawing to be recognized at the Saraland City Council meeting. Space is limited at these meetings so students are chosen at random to represent SES.

Teacher Conferences: If possible, I will meet with each parent throughout the year to respond to any concerns and to touch base about your child’s academic progress, behavior, etc. If you would like to meet to discuss questions or concerns before hand, please feel free to contact me to set it up.

Uniform Policy: Please refer to our school handbook for the uniform policy. This is a school- wide policy and will be enforced by the classroom teacher, as well as the office.

Visitors: We welcome and love visitors! For the safety and schedules of the students and staff; all visitors must go through the office and get a pass.

Working Together: In second grade many opportunities are provided for cooperative learning. Second graders are learning social skills and problem solving as they work together, building “Bigger, Better, Stronger” readers, writing, mathematicians and scientists!

X, Y’s and Z’s of Second Grade: Second Grade is a building block grade for your child. This year we will be covering many phonics, math, language, writing, and character skills that will prepare them for later grades and life! Thank you in advance for all of you help and dedication!