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Science in Action

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View Greek Tragedies Plays
Greek Tragedies Plays

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owl pellets

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Prisms & Lenses experiments

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View Save Fred/Scientific Method
Save Fred/Scientific Method

Basically, Fred is a gummy worm who was on his boat (a cup) when it started to sink. Fortunately, Fred had a life preserver (gummy Lifesaver) in his boat! Unfortunately, it was still in the boat (under the cup). The goal is to get Fred into the Lifesaver without touching him, the boat, or the life preserver with your hands. Each person in the group gets a paper clip, though. Each group has to use the steps in the Scientific Method to plan a way to save Fred.

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View 2012 Investigating Physical/chemical changes
2012 Investigating Physical/chemical changes

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View Building Atoms out of Marshmallows
Building Atoms out of Marshmallows

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View Mass, Volume, Density lab
Mass, Volume, Density lab

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Photo Album

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